Oil Rubbed Bronze Vs Venetian Bronze

There are numerous types and finishes to pick from when it comes to the hardware and faucets in your bathroom or kitchen. From polished brass to champagne bronze, stainless steel, and matte black, there are a wide range of options.

The two most popular finishes are oil rubbed bronze and venetian bronze. In spite of their many similarities, the two are not identical.

Is Venetian Bronze The Same As Oil Rubbed Bronze?

Venetian bronze and oil rubbed bronze are two distinct finishes. There are certain differences between the two finishes that might help you decide which is best for your bathroom or kitchen faucets and hardware.

What Is Venetian Bronze Finish?

In comparison to oil-rubbed bronze, Venetian bronze has a more subdued appearance. There is no greasy residue left behind when using this finish. As the Venetian bronze is hand-finished, each piece is different and features lovely golden flecks of metal.


  • Hand-finished
  • A paler shade with golden undertones


  • More expensive
  • Requires regular maintenance

What Is Oil Rubbed Bronze?

The hue of oil rubbed bronze varies from company to manufacturer, but it is typically a rich, dark chocolate tone. This finish features copper undertones that enhance the dark color and mimic the look of antique bronze.

Oil-rubbed bronze has a tendency to seem black. Yes, that's the quick answer. In some cases, the color is virtually black, but in others, it's more of a brownish hue.


  • Venetian bronze is cheaper than this.
  • Traditional look
  • Hides water spots


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Must be cleaned with gentle cleaners
  • Oily residue

Is Oil Rubbed Bronze Going Out Of Style?

Oil-rubbed bronze's dark finish doesn't appear to be going out of style. Darker tones are preferred in current styles, thus this finish is becoming increasingly popular. Oil-rubbed bronze, on the other hand, may not be the ideal option if you are looking for a consistent dark color.

What’s The Difference?

Let's have a look at the distinctions between the finishes now that we know what they are. The parallels between the two are numerous, but the differences are negligible.


In each of these finishes, the coppery undertones are brilliantly accentuated by the magnificent hues. Oil-rubbed bronze has a richer hue and a more oily finish than Venetian bronze, which is lighter and powder-coated. The primary difference in presentation is a subtle shift in color.

Delta and Moen fixtures and hardware come in a variety of hues. A more chocolaty tone may be found in Moen's oil-rubbed bronze, whilst coppery tones can be seen in Delta's oil-rubbed bronze.


A faucet or other piece of hardware with these finishes is more difficult to maintain than a standard one. Installing the piece removes the wax coating, therefore an application of furniture wax is necessary to maintain the finish. Protectant isn't necessary; a light coat will suffice.

It is recommended that a protective wax coating be applied once per month if the fixture is in regular use and is frequently touched. Protecting the finish from further wear will help preserve the color.

Both of these finishes will oxidize with time, resulting in a change in visual appearance. With only a small alteration to the original appearance, the outcome looks like old copper.


Water spots, especially on faucets, are a typical occurrence in homes. When taking a shower, washing your hands, or doing the dishes, wipe down the faucet with a soft cloth after using the water to help prevent water splotches or hard water buildup. Taking care of your faucet can go a long way toward preserving its beautiful finish.

There are a few items you should avoid using on oil-rubbed bronze or Venetian bronze surfaces when cleaning your kitchen or bathroom. The finish might be harmed by cleaners that are laden with chemicals.

If you want to keep these surfaces looking like new, avoid using bleach, toilet bowl cleaners, or anything that will remove rust or tarnish.

It's possible that hard water has built up on the faucet, in which case you'll want to apply a gentle cleaner to remove it. A soft-bristled brush and a solution of equal parts vinegar and water will get the job done without ruining the finish.


Venetian bronze, which is hand-finished, is more expensive, thus oil rubbed bronze is a better value. However, the price difference between the two finishes is only a few cents. Venetian bronze is normally more expensive than oil-rubbed bronze, although prices will vary depending on the style of hardware or faucet you choose.

Which Finish Should I Choose?

It's all about personal taste and what feels right to you when it comes to selecting a finish for your kitchen or bathroom. Routine care and maintenance is required for oil-rubbed bronze and Venetian bronze to prevent water stains and damage.

Oil rubbed bronze is a better option if you prefer a darker finish than Venetian bronze, but it's up to you. Regardless of which option you choose, it will be a gorgeous addition to your bathroom or kitchen.

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